Bomblady Shapewear Review

Bomblady Shapewear Review

Seamless & High-Elastic

If you are looking for a light body shaper to wear with dresses or skirts, B Free has many options that will help you look slim and smooth. Soma’s Yummie Ultralight Seamless Smoothing Brief shapes your tummy without the pinch of a tight cinch while Maidenform’s Flexees Easy Up shapewear control slip sculpts your waist and back for the perfect fit under any outfit.

If your dress has a low back, try the Suit Your Fancy Low Back Thong Bodysuit to keep your silhouette smooth and sexy. This shapewear has a deep scooped neckline and adjustable straps that can be worn crisscross or strapless.

Bomblady Shapewear Review 1
Bomblady Shapewear Review

This seamless shapewear has a comfortable stretchy combination of polyamide and elastane that offers great elasticity and breathability. It also has a WYOB (Wear Your Own Bra) flexibility that allows you to pair it with your favorite t-shirt bra for a customized fit. This full slip smooths your tummy, waist and back and has wide shoulder straps to prevent digging.

Ribbed Fabric & No Rolling

Rib knit fabric has a distinctive texture with ridges and bumps (or peaks and valleys) that create stretchiness. This type of knit fabric is typically used to make neck strip bands, sleeve cuffs, waistlines and garment hems. It’s available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and stitch ratios.


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For example, 1×1 rib knit fabric has alternating rows of knit and purl stitches that produce equal-sized bumps and ridges on both sides of the fabric. It’s also possible to purchase rib knit fabric in a pre-folded style already cut to a specific width. If you purchase this precut, pre-folded ribbing, it’s important to check its width dimensions against the neck seam allowance specifications of your finished project. If necessary, apply a dense serging or straight stitch to the neck seam allowance layers before folding and stitching the strip band. It’s also recommended to stretch the ribbed fabric slightly when you machine stitch it for better alignment.

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