Boost Infinite Review

Boost Infinite Review: Unleashing Endless Energy and Performance with this Revolutionary Supplement

Boost Infinite is a new mobile carrier that’s disrupting the cell phone plan status quo. It’s owned by Dish (you might know them for their satellite TV services), and it promises to switch between T-Mobile, AT&T, and its own 5G network.

It’s only available on AT&T’s network right now, but once the beta ends in 2023 it will work on T-Mobile too.

Unlimited Talk & Text

The only plan Boost Infinite has is unlimited talk and text, with 5GB of fast, 5G service data on one of America’s best networks (speeds may be slowed after 30GB). It also includes free international roaming in Canada and Mexico.

Boost Infinite is a new mobile carrier that’s disrupting the cell phone plan status quo. It’s owned by Dish (you might know them for their satellite TV services), and it promises to switch between T-Mobile, AT&T, and its own 5G network.
Boost Infinite Review

It’s a very attractive offer for just $25 per month, which is the same price as T-Mobile’s unlimited plan – though that comes with better network coverage thanks to its 5G network. And it’s cheaper than AT&T, too, which offers its own 5G network.

The only downside is that Boost Infinite hasn’t launched a large stable of phones. It currently has a dozen or so Android devices to choose from, primarily Samsung flagships like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S23 Ultra and some budget options like the Samsung Galaxy A23.

Unlimited Data

Boost Infinite, a new postpaid cell phone service owned by DISH Wireless (that’s the company that owns Boost Mobile), has launched a limited-time early access plan that promises unlimited data for just $25 per month. That price is good for life, unlike most other carriers that raise their rates over time.

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During its beta launch, Boost Infinite is piggybacking on T-Mobile and AT&T networks while also using Dish’s 5G network. This means that if you switch to the service and keep up with your payments, you’ll have access to networks that are among the best in the industry.

The carrier offers a small stable of phones that include the latest Android smartphones and some budget choices, like the Samsung Galaxy A23. It also offers device financing.

Unlimited International Calling & Texting

Boost has a few add-on options for international calling and texting. These include International Minute Packs that give you an allotment of talk minutes to a specific destination and unlimited international texting you can use within a 90-day period.

During the beta, Boost Infinite will be on AT&T’s network, though CEO Stephen Stokols says the carrier will dynamically switch between AT&T and T-Mobile depending on network conditions. The plan will also work on the 5G network when it launches in the first quarter of 2023.

Boost Infinite has one plan, but it’s a solid offering at $25 per month for unlimited talk, text and 30GB of high-speed data (data speeds will slow down after that). It also offers device financing and free global roaming.

5GB Hotspot

Boost Infinite is an unlimited postpaid plan that offers great value for your money. Its $25 monthly price for unlimited talk, text and data (speeds may be deprioritized after 30GB) is hard to beat, even by prepaid plans like Mint Mobile or Visible.

The plan also comes with 5GB of hotspot data that draws from the plan’s total high-speed data allotment. However, it’s not clear if this amount is fixed or if it can be increased at any time.

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Unlike some MVNOs, Boost Infinite promises not to increase the price of its unlimited plan for life. This is an excellent feature since it gives you peace of mind that you’ll always get a great deal on your cell phone service. Moreover, the carrier also offers a decent selection of phones to choose from.

No Contract

Boost Infinite is a new postpaid cell phone carrier owned by DISH that is making waves with its affordable, feature-rich, and hassle-free mobile experience. They offer a range of phone and plan bundles for customers to purchase, but you can also bring your own phone to Boost Infinite and save over $600 a year.

For only $25 per month, Boost Infinite provides unlimited talk, text, and data on America’s top networks. That’s an unbeatable price for a wallet-friendly family plan that you can stick with “forever”. Plus, they allow for dynamic carrier switching between AT&T and T-Mobile for maximum speed and coverage reliability. You can even switch between carriers on the go if you want to stay on the fastest network while traveling! For a limited time, you can get into the beta and lock in this $25 unlimited plan price forever.

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