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Chicago Fire Actor Treat Williams Obituary: He Died in a Motorcycle Accident

On June 12, the entertainment industry was devastated by the news of actor Treat Williams untimely passing at the age of 71 in a motorcycle accident. Known for his iconic roles in Everwood and the 1979 film adaptation of Hair, Williams had also made a significant impact on the hit TV series Chicago Fire, where he portrayed Benny Severide, the father of Taylor Kinney’s character Kelly Severide. Following the announcement of his passing, an outpouring of condolences flooded social media platforms. Amidst his recent absence from the public eye since taking a break from the show in January, Kinney emerged to honor the memory of Treat just one day after his unexpected demise.

In an official statement obtained by People, Kinney expressed his condolences, saying, “My thoughts and prayers are with Treat’s family. He played my father on Chicago Fire and was a father figure to everyone on set. I’ll always cherish our conversations and his remarkable ability to brighten up a room. We all send our love, and he will be deeply missed.” Fans of the show will recall that Taylor and Treat shared the screen for seven seasons, working together from 2013 to 2018. Treat’s character was introduced in the 13th episode of the first season, as Kelly sought Benny’s guidance for his personal life and matters at Firehouse 51.

The onscreen father-son relationship started off on a strained note but evolved and grew stronger throughout the five years they shared on the show. Although Treat’s time on Chicago Fire was relatively brief, he enthusiastically shared his love for the series on social media. Prior to his final episode, he posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter featuring himself, Taylor Kinney, and fellow co-stars Miranda Rae Mayo and Kim Delaney (portraying Stella Nichole Severide and Jennifer Sheridan, respectively).

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“Finished my #ChicagoFire episodes,” Treat wrote in March 2018, “Miranda Rae Mayo, Taylor Kinney, Kim Delaney. Great actors all.”

taylor kinney accident

Dolly Parton

The country icon “was very sad” to learn of Williams’ death, she wrote in a social media statement. “I’ve always been a fan and I had the wonderful opportunity of working with him on ‘Christmas on the Square’ a few years back,” she added. “I’ve never known a kinder, sweeter, more talented person in my life. I just wanted to send my condolences to his family and just to know that we’ll always remember the great body of work that he left behind.”

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Barbara Niven

“It’s really hard to even consider the fact that he’s not here because he was just so larger than life,” Niven, who worked with Williams on Chesapeake Shores, told ET. “He just filled up the room, filled up the set. What a blessing to be able to have worked with him on Chesapeake for six years in that kind of atmosphere where we all became a family. … He taught us all how to be better actors and how to live life and just get more out of it. Never to settle, just to live full out.”

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Justin Baldoni

The Jane the Virgin alum reflected on his experience joining Everwood during its fourth season. “Treat Williams was a legend. He brought me in, showed me so much kindness, and made me feel like I was a part of the family. He would often show up with Vermont Candy from his town’s little store, and fresh maple syrup and pass it out to the cast and crew,” Baldoni wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “He took me out on his boat, mountain biking, and treated me like a little brother. He was a good good man. … Life is so damn precious. Hug the ones you love and call the ones you haven’t in a while. Time doesn’t slow down… it just goes by faster and faster.”

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Chris Pratt

The Parks and Recreation alum — who portrayed Bright Abbott on Everwood — mourned both Williams and John Beasley, who died earlier this month, in a heartfelt tribute. 

“It’s an incredibly sad season for the cast and crew of Everwood. We’re still reeling from the loss of John Beasley and yesterday we lost Treat Williams as well,” Pratt wrote via Instagram on June 13 alongside a photo of the late actors. “Both men were exceptional actors, wonderful husbands, fathers and friends. They will be missed tremendously. I learned a great deal from working with each of them.”

Pratt continued: “The Beasley family and Williams family will be in my family’s prayers. May we see you again gentlemen. God bless you. Hug your loved ones. Reach out to that person that’s been on your mind. Life is fragile, precious and finite. Embrace it and one another. And if you’re looking for some films to watch this week, check out Treat in Prince in the CityHair, or Ten Things To Do in DenveWhen You’re Dead and John can be seen in The Apostle, Walking Tall, and Rudy.”

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