Claude Cormier obituary

Claude Cormier Obituary: A Renowned Landscape Architect Who Left His Mark on Montreal

Claude Cormier was a landscape architect who created some of the most iconic and joyful public spaces in Montreal and across Canada. He died on September 15, 2023, at the age of 63, after battling multiple cancers.

Who Was Claude Cormier?

Cormier was born in Toronto on October 23, 1960, and studied at the University of Guelph and Harvard University. He founded his own firm, Claude Cormier + Associés, in 1995, and later renamed it CCxA.

Cormier was known for his playful and provocative designs that challenged conventions and engaged the public. Some of his most famous works include the pink balls of the Gay Village, the fountain of Square Dorchester, the beach of the Clock Tower Quay, and the giant ring of Place Ville Marie.

Cormier received many awards and honors for his work, such as the Governor General’s Medal in Landscape Architecture, the Prix du Québec en design urbain, and the Order of Canada. He also taught at several universities and gave lectures around the world.

Cormier was married to Sophie Beaudoin, who is the co-president of CCxA. He also had a sister and a father who survive him. He was diagnosed with Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a rare genetic condition that predisposes to cancer.

Cormier’s funeral was held on September 22, 2023, at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. His casket was accompanied by a procession of pink balls that symbolized his legacy. Many people paid tribute to his creativity and generosity, including Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, who called him “a visionary, a builder, and a great Montrealer”.

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Claude Cormier was a talented and influential landscape architect who shaped the urban environment with his imagination and humor. He was also a loving husband, brother, son, and friend. We celebrate his life and his contribution to the city of Montreal.

Family Mourns The Loss Of Claude Cormier

The world of landscape architecture and design mourns the loss of a true visionary, Claude Cormier. His contributions to the field were not only celebrated but also recognized on an international level. Just last year, his company received an esteemed invitation from Phaidon Press to be featured in a publication highlighting the top 30 international landscape architects. This recognition underscored Claude’s immense talent and influence in shaping landscapes around the world.

In a testament to his impact, the first book solely dedicated to Claude Cormier’s remarkable body of work, titled “Serious Fun, The Landscapes of Claude Cormier,” was set to be released by Oro Editions in the fall of 2021. This book promised to be a treasure trove of his innovative and inspiring designs, serving as a lasting tribute to his legacy.

As we bid farewell to Claude, we remember the extraordinary presence he brought to our lives. His work was not just about shaping physical spaces; it was about creating experiences, emotions, and memories that would stand the test of time.

But beyond his professional accomplishments, the true tragedy lies in the immense grief that has engulfed Claude’s family. Losing a beloved family member is an unbearable pain, and as they navigate through this dark and trying time, their hearts are heavy with sorrow.

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Yet, amidst this grief, the family is enveloped by a wave of love, support, thoughts, and prayers from those who care deeply about them. The outpouring of sympathy and solidarity from the community is a testament to the impact Claude had not only in his professional life but also in his personal relationships.

To the Claude family, we extend our deepest condolences and unwavering support as they grapple with their grief. May they find solace in the shared memories, the love they held for Claude, and the lasting influence he had on their lives.

In this time of sorrow, let us come together as a community, bound by our collective memories of Claude Cormier, and offer our strength to those who need it most. May Claude’s soul rest in peace, and may his family find comfort in the enduring legacy he leaves behind.

Claude Cormier Obituary and Funeral Service

As of this moment, the official obituary and funeral arrangements for the late Claude Cormier have not been publicly disclosed. During this challenging and sorrowful time, it is crucial that we approach the situation with empathy and compassion for the grieving family.

Let us honor Claude’s memory by extending our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to his loved ones. May he find eternal peace, and may his family and friends find solace in the warm embrace of our thoughts and prayers. As more information becomes available, we stand united in offering unwavering support and keeping Claude and his family close in our hearts throughout this difficult period.

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