Found Weight Loss Reviews

Found Weight Loss Reviews

If you are looking for a comprehensive weight loss program with support and accountability, then found may be the right fit. The program uses texting to communicate with your health coach and a community to keep you motivated and accountable.

The program also uses a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes meal planning, exercise, sleep, hormones and stress management to create long term results.

The Cost

While Found is an excellent weight loss program, it is not cheap. The initial investment can be a hurdle for some members, especially if they are looking to find a program that offers the same results at a lower price point.

If you are looking for a comprehensive weight loss program with support and accountability, then found may be the right fit. The program uses texting to communicate with your health coach and a community to keep you motivated and accountable.
Found Weight Loss Reviews

Found is unlike most telehealth programs in that they actually have doctors who can prescribe medication for weight loss. They use this to help their members lose weight and then maintain that loss long term. Found also helps to ensure that the prescription they use is safe and effective for each member.

The first option is their Rx Path which costs $149/month and includes a doctor’s visit, weight loss medications, coaching, and wellness and nutrition information. The other options are the non-prescription path and the wellness path which cost a lower monthly fee. Both options include access to the online patient portal and a health coach. The program also encourages hydration through their online patient portal.

The Medication

The program starts with an initial medical consultation. A medical doctor will review your health profile and determine if a prescription medication is needed. If they recommend the Rx path, you’ll be given a customized medication plan. The medications used in Found are FDA-approved and include hunger suppressants. The program also offers monthly medication check-ins to ensure adherence.

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If you don’t need a prescription, Found offers a non-prescription path that includes coaching and a community. They have a variety of plans to choose from, including the option to purchase 3 or 6 months at a discount.

Unlike other diet programs, Found doesn’t treat weight loss as a “quick fix” or blame your issues on lack of willpower. Instead, they promote a healthy lifestyle that supports long term weight loss. The program combines health coaching with FDA-approved weight loss medications to help you achieve sustainable results. It’s important to note that this program requires a commitment of 12 months to see significant results.

The Community

Found focuses on healthy lifestyle changes rather than quick results. Its coaches finesse different factors such as your meals, mood, sleep, exercise, and medication to help you achieve your goal weight. The company also offers a community to support its members.

The community is a key aspect of Found’s holistic approach to weight loss. Members work with personal coaches to build sustainable habits, track their progress on the app, and find support in the community. If you’re on the Rx Path, your coach will also evaluate and manage your medications.

The company’s app makes it easy to share food, exercise, and sleep routines with your coach. The information logged in the app is what helps coaches create your personalized program. However, if you prefer to have your meals prepared and sent to your door, Found is not for you. You’ll want to check out other weight loss programs that offer similar services for a fraction of the cost.

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The Results

Found has some of the best certified professionals behind it and they take a detailed look at your situation before coming up with a plan. This will help you see real results from the program. But you will need to put in the work as well if you want to see the most out of it.

Most of the members that use found are happy with the results they get. The main reason for this comes down to the fact that the program takes a science-based approach. They will help you change your diet and also prescribe medication when necessary.

While Found is a new weight loss program, it does have a growing community of users. Their app makes it easy to track progress and connect with other members. They also offer personalized coaching and support that can help you stay on track. For those who are not interested in using prescription medication, they have a Wellness Path that uses holistic methods and natural supplements to help with weight loss.

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