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Groton Fatal Crash: Tiara Wheeler and Scott Whipple Dirt Bike Accident

Tiara Wheeler, a 24-year-old resident of Rogers Road in Norwich, Connecticut, met a tragic end in a fatal crash that sent shockwaves through the Groton community. The heartrending incident unfolded when one of the dirt bikes, transporting Tiara Wheeler and Scott Whipple, entered the intersection and collided with the right rear passenger section of the Audi. The collision marked the tragic culmination of events that led to Tiara Wheeler’s untimely passing.

Who Was Tiara Wheeler?

Tiara Wheeler, 24, of Rogers Road in Norwich, Connecticut, lost her life tragically in a fatal crash that shook the community of Groton. Her involvement in the incident has sparked profound sorrow and reflection on the consequences of reckless behavior on the road.

Tiara Wheeler and Scott Whipple Accident

The Groton Police Department recently released new details surrounding a fatal crash that occurred at the intersection of Long Hill Road and Meridian Street Extension. The incident involved multiple vehicles, including dirt bikes and ATVs, and led to heart-wrenching outcomes.

On the evening of the accident, a 2010 Audi Q7 driven by a 24-year-old Groton resident was traveling south on Long Hill Road. Approaching the intersection of Meridian Street Extension, the Audi had a left green arrow, permitting a left turn into the Groton Shopping Center at 694 Long Hill Road. Meanwhile, a group of dirt bikes and ATVs were traveling north on Long Hill Road and into the intersection. Witnesses reported that some of the dirt bikes and ATVs had no lights on, and the traffic light for northbound traffic was red.

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Tragedy struck as one of the dirt bikes, carrying two riders Tiara Wheeler and Scott Whipple entered the intersection and collided with the right rear passenger section of the Audi. The impact threw Tiara Wheeler from the dirt bike, causing her to strike the Audi and suffer fatal injuries. Scott Whipple, the male operator of the dirt bike, also sustained critical injuries after colliding with the Audi.

Efforts to Save Lives

Despite the valiant efforts of first responders, Tiara Wheeler succumbed to her injuries. Scott Whipple was transported to L&M Hospital in New London for treatment and subsequently airlifted to Yale New Haven Hospital, where he remains in critical condition. The operator of the Audi received medical evaluation at L&M Hospital and was later released.

Reckless Operation and Ongoing Investigation

Reports indicated that several dirt bike and ATV riders operated recklessly both before and after the crash, engaging in hazardous behavior on the road. Disturbingly, some individuals at the scene removed the dirt bike involved in the crash without offering assistance to the injured riders. This action impeded the investigation and tampered with crucial evidence.

Groton Police Chief L. J. Fusaro expressed deep concern over the reckless behavior that led to this tragedy and appealed to the public for assistance in the case. He highlighted the danger posed by such behavior on the road and urged anyone with information to come forward.

Appeal for Information

The investigation into this devastating accident is ongoing. Anyone who witnessed the crash or possesses relevant information is urged to contact the Groton Police Department at 860-441-6712. The community mourns the loss of Tiara Wheeler and remains committed to preventing such senseless tragedies through awareness and responsible road behavior.

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