Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a popular singer, actress, and a socialite. Her beauty has always been a source of fascination. It has been a dream of hers to become a star. Before she got the surgery, she was just a normal girl. However, after she met Alec Wildenstein, she decided to take the plunge and have plastic surgery. This was a risky decision, because it was the first time she had ever had any kind of cosmetic procedure. But now that she has it, her beauty is unmistakable.

Life as a socialite

Jocelyn Wildenstein was born as Jocelynnys Dayannys da Silva Bezerra Perisset on September 7, 1945 in Lausanne, Switzerland. She grew up in a modest family, but had a love of luxury. As she got older she underwent several plastic surgeries to enhance her appearance.

Her husband, Alec Wildenstein, was a successful art dealer who owned a large business empire. The couple lived in an Upper East Side townhouse. They also had two children. But in 1999 the couple split up. In the divorce they were awarded a settlement of $2.5 billion.

While Jocelyn and Alec were still together, they were spotted in bed with a 19-year-old Russian model. The argument became physical when Jocelyn walked in on them in their bedroom. This led to a brawl, which was captured on video.

After this incident, Jocelyn and Alec lived apart. However, Alec had multiple mistresses, and they still had a relationship.

Marriage to Alec Wildenstein

Alec Wildenstein was one of the two heirs of the richest art dealer family in the world. The Wildenstein family has a fortune estimated to be over $5 billion.

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Alec was born on August 5, 1940, in Marseilles, France. His father left France in 1941 to make the United States his home. After his death in 2001, his son inherited half of his father’s business empire.

Alec had been married twice. His first wife was a Swiss bourgeois. She was introduced to him by a Saudi arms dealer named Adnan Khashoggi. Their marriage ended in 1999. During the divorce, Alec reportedly spent $1 million a month with his second wife, Jocelyn Perisse.

The couple had two children, but they had a complicated relationship. Eventually, Jocelyn claimed that she found Alec in bed with a 21-year-old Russian model. When police came, Alec allegedly said that he thought he had caught a burglar. He then cut off her credit cards and phone lines.

Relationship with Lloyd Klein

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s relationship with Lloyd Klein is now under scrutiny. The couple has been involved in several domestic disputes, and both were arrested in 2016. But despite the trouble they have encountered, they are still romantically linked.

Although they have been in a relationship for more than a decade, they have not always seen eye to eye. Several times, they have fought, and they have been accused of assaulting each other. They both said the arrests made them realize they could not live without each other.

In the fall of 2016, the pair went to a restaurant for a dinner date. As the night progressed, they got into a physical fight. A neighbor called the police, and they were found with bruises and scratches.

According to the Daily Mail, they were accused of throwing hot wax over one another. After the incident, they were charged with misdemeanor assault.

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Cost of plastic surgery

The cost of plastic surgery for Jocelyn Wildenstein is estimated to have topped $4 million. She had dozens of surgeries, including a facelift, brow lift and lip plumping injections.

Jocelyn’s former husband, Alec Wildenstein, died in 2008. He was an art dealer and the founder of half of his father’s business empire. After his death, Jocelyn inherited his estate. It is estimated that his business was worth a staggering $10 billion.

Jocelyn and Alec were married in 1977. They had two children. In 1999, the couple divorced. Their divorce was a record-breaker. They were awarded a record-breaking $2.5 billion settlement.

Wildenstein’s divorce sparked a series of media reports and legal battles. A Vanity Fair feature detailed the couple’s lavish lifestyle. At the time, it was estimated that Jocelyn and Alec spent $1 million a month on their lifestyle.

But rumors began to circulate in October of 2008 that Jocelyn had gone through a number of plastic surgeries. In addition to her face-lift and brow-lift, she had a lip-plumping injection and chin augmentation.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Surgery

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