Joey Swoll Heart Surgery

Joey Swoll, who gained fame as a bodybuilder and fitness influencer, has recently undergone heart surgery. He was diagnosed with genetic irregularities in his heart and underwent the procedure to ensure his health. He is thankful that he received the treatment before it became too late.

It’s not often that we get to report happy news. But this time, we’re thrilled to share the good news with you all!

Joey Swoll recently underwent surgery to address a genetic irregularity with his heart. He posted about the surgery on social media, as well as confirming that it was a success.

Without our health, we pretty much have nothing. Having all the wealth, the accolades, and the glory means absolutely nothing without good health. After his own health scare recently, Joey Swoll understands that notion quite well. The popular bodybuilding figure was recently suffering pain in his chest, a symptom of what he’d come to learn was a genetic irregularity to his heart. Rather than ignore the issue, Joey decided that it was time to see a cardiologist about his chest pain. And it was a good thing that he did!

In a recent post to his social media page, Joey Swoll revealed that the genetic irregularity required surgery—a life-saving one at that!

Joey Swoll

He has a very active social media and has gained many fans through his workouts and diet. He also has an incredible physique which he owes to his hard work and dedication.

His workout routine includes flat bench, cable flies, pull-ups and front barbell squats. He does these exercises at least 3 times a day to keep himself fit and healthy.

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Moreover, he believes in staying away from sugar as it is very harmful for the body. He also eats fresh fruits and vegetables to keep his body healthy.

The influencer has millions of followers and has a high number of views on his videos. He has become the “CEO of gym positivity” and is well known for calling out bad gym etiquette in his videos.

Since his first video went viral, he has called out other people on Instagram and TikTok for making questionable posts about the gym. Some of these videos have even reached over 8 million views.

A lot of these posts have been tagged by his followers and before he weighs in with his own commentary, he waits to see if the creator realizes their mistake and takes it down or apologizes.

He has also been able to build relationships with some of the people who are often the subject of his videos, and that’s something he appreciates. He has been able to encourage them to be more conscious of their posts and how they look on social media.

However, there have been some people who are not satisfied with his actions and want him to stop. One such person is Nora Love who is a woman who was criticized by Swoll in a TikTok video.

She told Insider that she has received hundreds of hateful messages on her social media accounts, including doxing her address and telling her to kill herself. She has also suffered from panic attacks and deactivated her account multiple times. She plans to sue Swoll and has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for legal fees.

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As a result of her plight, Swoll has also faced a backlash from his followers. Some of them have praised him as a hero and others have accused him of fueling misogyny. This has led to some people not being comfortable with him and even deleting their social media accounts.

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