Kendall Walls Missing: Search for Kendall Walls Continues as Family and Friends Seek Answers

Kendall Walls Missing: Search for Kendall Walls Continues as Family and Friends Seek Answers

Who is Kendall Walls?

Kendall Walls is a 38-year-old man from Grants Pass, Oregon, who has been missing since January 23, 2024. He is a white male, 6 feet 1 inch tall, and weighs 190 pounds. Kendall has brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses. Notably, he has tattoos of a ship under his right arm and a whale on his chest.

What happened to Kendall Walls?

Kendall Walls failed to return home on January 23, 2024, and his phone has been turned off since then. His current whereabouts remain unknown. No one knows where he is right now, and it’s causing great concern for his family and friends.

The Grants Pass Police Department is actively seeking any information that could help locate Kendall. The case has been assigned the number 2024-3049. Kendall’s family, friends, and the police are working together to find him, and they need the community’s support. No matter how small it may seem, if you have any information, it could be crucial in bringing Kendall back home.

How can you help Kendall Walls?

This is a plea for help from the community to assist in solving this missing person case. Your cooperation could make a significant difference in reuniting Kendall Walls with his loved ones. If you have seen Kendall or have any details about his whereabouts, you are urged to contact the GRANTS PASS POLICE DEPARTMENT at 541-450-6260 or your local law enforcement agency.

You can also support Kendall’s family financially by donating to their GoFundMe campaign. The campaign was created by Kendall’s sister, Kelsey Walls, to help cover the expenses of searching for Kendall and supporting his wife and two children. The campaign has raised over $10,000 so far, but it still needs more donations to reach its goal of $20,000. You can donate to the campaign by clicking [here].


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