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Knix Underwear Review: Experience Comfort and Confidence with Revolutionary Intimate Apparel

Since tampons and adhesive pads dominated the period department for decades, women have needed new innovations. Enter Knix.

These soft and stretchy panties feel like regular underwear but can hold up to three tampons’ worth of liquid. They come in several styles including a thong and overnight short, as well as lace backs and boxer briefs.


If you’re on the hunt for comfortable lingerie, you’ll love Knix. The company’s bras and underwear are incredibly flattering and work with almost any outfit. The revolution bra is especially impressive, with its supportive fit and lift. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.

Since tampons and adhesive pads dominated the period department for decades, women have needed new innovations. Enter Knix.
Knix Underwear Review: Experience Comfort and Confidence with Revolutionary Intimate Apparel

You can schedule a bra-fitting appointment online to get the perfect fit. You can also visit the company’s showroom at 630 Queen St West or 2076 W 4th Ave, to speak with a Knixpert in person.

The Super Leakproof Underwear is Knix’s most absorbent underwear and can hold the equivalent of eight tampons. The top layer wicks away moisture and odors using natural seaweed fiber, the middle layer absorbs leakage and locks it in, and the leak resistant outer layer prevents any spillage from getting onto your clothes. All of the company’s underwear is machine washable for easy care. You can tumble dry the Super Leakproof Underwear, but if you want to prolong its lifespan, it’s best to hang them dry.


Knixwear offers bras and panties that are a great fit for every woman. Joanna Griffiths started the company with a pair of panties that stopped leaks for women during their periods. She now sells an array of bras for women of all ages and sizes, including maternity bras and ones designed for breastfeeding.

The company’s sizing chart makes it easy to find your size. It is based on your cup and band size, so you can figure out the right size for you by looking at the graph and finding where your sizes intersect.

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The brand also offers a number of different absorbency levels, so you can find the perfect match for your monthly cycle. You can also purchase shapewear, such as the High Rise Shaper Brief, which hugs your body and prevents unsightly bulges. It has lace panels that make it sexy and a gusset to catch any leaks. The company is also known for its inclusivity, featuring real women of all ages and sizes on their website.


The Knix brand is known for their inclusivity, as they cater to a range of body types and sizes in their designs. The brand has also been praised for their use of real women in their marketing campaigns, celebrating diversity and promoting body positivity.

The company has been praised for its commitment to ethical sourcing, and their products are certified to be free of certain harmful chemicals such as PFAS. However, they don’t currently have any products that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which is important for consumers who want to be able to wash their products in the washing machine without worrying about damaging them.

The company has a number of different packages to choose from, including their Starter Pack, Essentials Set, and Leakproof Bikini Set. The company offers a subscription service that allows consumers to receive deliveries on a schedule they choose, and they offer a money-back guarantee on all purchases. Customers can use a discount code to save on their purchase, and the company provides free shipping for orders over $35.


With a range of promotions and discounts, Knix offers an affordable option for women looking for comfort and sustainability. First-time customers can save 10% on their orders, and referrals earn them $15 off their next order. These savings can be combined with other coupons and discounts to make the most of your purchase.

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The company offers a variety of styles and sizes for every need, from sports bras to everyday bras to maternity bras. Their breathable fabrics and leakproof technology are reliable and durable, and their prices are competitive.

The brand also provides a number of other products, including period panties. These can be machine washed and tumble dried on low (except for the Super Leakproof Dream Short, which needs to be laundered by hand). Some customers have complained that Knix panties don’t absorb as much blood as advertised, while others claim they’re as good as Thinx. For those with heavy flows, it may be worth trying both brands to find the one that works best for you.

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