Laith Ashley Surgery

The actor, singer and model, Laith Ashley has recently undergone a procedure to treat his health condition. He is suffering from a sprained wrist, and it was determined that the problem is caused by a traumatic injury. Luckily, he was able to recover quickly and is currently back to his normal activities. As a result, he is currently working on an album with his band, and is also a social activist who is active in the arts and public service.


Laith Ashley is a famous model who has received much praise for his appearance in Taylor Swift’s latest music video. The model is one of the first transgender male models to be featured in a national ad campaign. He has appeared on the runways of several fashion weeks, including New York Fashion Week.

As a teenager, Laith Ashley received snide comments for his gender. In response, he began working with the LGBTQ community. Eventually, he became an insurance navigator at a local community health center.

When he started a modeling career, he never expected to be named as one of the first transgender male models in a nationwide campaign. At the time, the industry was still largely skewed toward straight women. But thanks to the efforts of Laith, it is now far more inclusive.

Before coming out, Laith Ashley was raised in a family that is church-oriented. However, he never felt right identifying as a lesbian. Despite his parents’ disapproval, he decided to go ahead with his transition.


Laith Ashley is a transgender model and actor who is making waves in the fashion and modeling industry. He is also an activist and has been vocal about issues related to the LGBTQ+ community. The 29-year-old has captured the attention of many brands worldwide, including Calvin Klein, Diesel, Barneys, and the British GQ magazine.

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In addition to his modeling and acting endeavors, Laith has also been working with the FLUX division of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This organization provides support to trans people. He has appeared in a few public awareness campaigns for the LGBTQ+ community and is currently co-starring in writer-director Heidi Weitzer’s upcoming film My Divorce Party.

Laith also has a charming personality and an athletic physique. He grew up in the city of fashion. His parents were immigrants from Dominican America. At age 9, he started playing sports, and by age 11, he was named the top athlete in his high school.


Laith Ashley is an American singer-songwriter, model, and actor. He was born in New York, USA. His parents are of Dominican descent. From a young age, Laith was involved in various sports. As a teenager, he was named the top athlete in his high school.

Laith went to Fairfield University to study psychology and law. His parents were Pentecostal Christians, and he was raised in a church-going family. But when he turned 19 years old, he realized that he was transgender.

In January 2014, Laith began the medical process of transitioning to male, and underwent a double mastectomy. He has since come out publicly as transgender. The model has also spoken out against racism and the transphobia that exists in the modeling industry.

Laith’s story has been featured in numerous interviews and publications. He is one of the most prominent models representing the LGBTQ+ community. Many major brands have noticed his talents, including Barneys, Diesel, and Rounderbum.

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Social activist

Laith Ashley is an American model, singer and trans activist. He is known for his appearances in several major fashion campaigns. In January 2014, he began his transition process.

The photographer who shot Laith’s Barneys New York campaign, Bruce Weber, has called him an “inspiration.” His Instagram account has more than 300k followers. One of the most recent posts features a clip from the Lavender Haze music video.

Laith has spoken out against discrimination and violence against people who are trans. His story has also been shared by celebrities and news outlets. And he’s working hard to change the stigma that surrounds being trans.

At a young age, Laith noticed something different about himself. He became a model, which forced him to confront his own body. Later, he graduated from Fairfield University. During his tenure in the modeling industry, Laith has been featured on several renowned magazines such as British GQ and Attitude.

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