kyle wilder car accident

Lakeland FL: Kyle Wilder Car Accident, What Happened to Kyle Wilder?

Two lives were tragically lost, and two individuals sustained injuries in a devastating car accident that occurred on Friday night. Among the victims were Kyle Wilder, a Winter Haven resident, and his wife, Krista Danielle, who worked as a Registered Nurse. Sadly, two of Kyle’s stepsons lost their lives as a result of the collision. Kyle, known affectionately as “The Candy Man” at church, was beloved by the children who always enjoyed his presence.

Kyle Wilder Car Accident

The accident took place during a family trip to the beach over the past weekend. As the vehicle they were traveling in encountered a wet surface, it skidded and collided with a solid pole. Presently, Kyle’s condition is stable, but his wife Krista remains in critical condition. The news of losing their two children has left a heavy burden on everyone’s hearts.

In the face of this unimaginable tragedy, it is requested that you keep the Wilder family in your prayers and extend support as they navigate through this difficult time. Kyle, who conquered addiction over a decade ago, has transformed into a devoted individual. He is a loving spouse, a patriot, an exceptional stepfather, a successful business owner, a proud homeowner, and, above all, a pillar of strength for those in need.

To assist with funeral expenses, a GoFundMe page titled “Fatal wreck crushes Wilder family… Help needed!” has been set up by Kris Dehnert, a resident of Lakeland, Florida. Kris aims to raise funds that will directly benefit the family. The page has currently amassed $49,898 USD out of its $100,000 goal.

Husband, stepfather, veteran, man of God, survivor, friend, and SO MUCH more.

My name is Kris, and one of my oldest friends (nearly 25 years) Kyle Wilder is facing the unspeakable… the loss of his 2 stepsons, and the severe injuries to himself and his new wife, Krista.This past weekend, on a family beach trip, the car they were driving hydroplaned and collided with a concrete pole… Kyle is currently stable, but his wife Krista is still fighting… However the crushing news of the 2 children not making it is overwhelming for everyone. Please pray for them as they try to navigate this life-changing event!

The man who beat addiction more than 10 years ago, turned into a faithful man, a loving husband, a patriot, an incredible stepfather, a business owner, a new homeowner, and most of all a support system for SO MANY in need, is NOW the one needing the help. Please help me support him as he tries to pull his family back together after this tragic event.

To the FRIENDS, the FAMILY, the extended networks, those who support the MILITARY, the CHURCH, the fellow STEPFATHER’S in the world, and any who can relate to such a loss. This family needs your help!

There is an incredibly long road to recovery ahead of them both. Aside from the mental/emotional setbacks they will encounter, there will be physical setbacks as well due to the injuries. All of which will need time and money to combat.

Send prayers, leave comments of support below, and if you have the means, please support in any way you can. As a father of two young children myself, it is physically painful for me to even put this fundraiser together, but I know my friend and his beautiful wife are going to need help to get through this, and this is one way I can be there for them!

Lakeland FL: Kyle Wilder Car Accident, What Happened to Kyle Wilder?
Lakeland FL: Kyle Wilder Car Accident, What Happened to Kyle Wilder? 4
Lakeland FL: Kyle Wilder Car Accident, What Happened to Kyle Wilder?
Lakeland FL: Kyle Wilder Car Accident, What Happened to Kyle Wilder? 5
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