Laverne Cox Surgery

Laverne Cox Surgery

Laverne Cox, the Orange Is the New Black star who played Sophia Burset, is an outspoken advocate for transgender rights. She was the first trans person to appear on Time magazine’s cover and the first trans actress to earn an Emmy nomination.

As a trans woman, Cox faced severe bullying in school and attempted suicide at 11. She credits a move to study dance at the Alabama School of Fine Arts with saving her life.

Nose Job

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is a common procedure performed to change the shape or size of a person’s nose. The surgery can correct cosmetic issues such as a crooked or overly large nose, or it can improve nasal function, such as a deviated septum, that causes breathing problems.

In a nose job, the skin is removed from the inside of your nose and its cartilage and bone are sculpted to your desired shape. Your surgeon can do this with a variety of techniques.

You may have bruising and swelling after a nose job, which will begin to subside within a few days. A splint may be applied to help your nose retain its new shape.

A rhinoplasty can dramatically improve your self-esteem, enabling you to feel more confident in your own skin. However, the procedure is a personal decision, and you need to discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon to make sure that you understand all of the risks and potential outcomes before you undergo the procedure.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure that increases the size of your breasts. The exact procedure is tailored to meet your individual needs, and it can increase your self-esteem.

To perform a breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon will make an incision under or around the breasts to insert an implant. The implant can be filled with saline or silicone, depending on your preferences and the amount of enlargement you want.

There are two ways to place the implant: directly under your breast tissue or in front of and behind your pectoral muscle (breast muscle). Your plastic surgeon will discuss the best method for you based on your body and skin type.

After your breast augmentation, you may experience soreness and bruising at the surgical site. You should follow your surgeon’s instructions for recovering from surgery.


Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the shape of your nose. It can be done for cosmetic reasons or to correct breathing problems.

During the procedure, your surgeon will change your nasal bones and cartilage in order to reshape them. He or she may remove or add additional cartilage, if needed. Cartilage is frequently taken from the inside of your nose, though approved cadaver cartilage can be used as well.

Your doctor might also use a small plastic splint to minimize swelling and maintain your new nose’s shape. This splint is usually removed within one to two weeks after surgery.

Swelling will be visible in your nose for about four to six weeks after the surgery, but it will decrease slowly over time. Swelling in the tip of your nose can last for months or even a year after the procedure.

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Facelift surgery, also called rhytidectomy, removes excess skin and fat from the cheeks, jowls and neck. It also redistributes the underlying muscles, tightens the fascia and restores the natural shape of the face.

A facelift is a very popular and rewarding cosmetic procedure that can help you look years younger. It can be performed on any age but is most commonly done by people over 40 with mild to moderate signs of aging.

The surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia with IV sedation. Your facelift incisions will be hidden within your hairline and behind your ears, so bruising is minimal.

Incisions may appear red or dark at first, but they will fade over time to a more natural color. It is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding healing and minimal scarring. You must keep your dressings clean, not smoke, avoid excessive sun exposure and attend all your facelift follow-up visits.

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