Moses Gibson Height Surgery

Moses Gibson Height Surgery, 41, Had A Tough Time Dating Because Of His Height

Moses Gibson, 41, from Minnesota, US, had a tough time dating because of his short height. He tried medication and even reached out to a ‘spiritual healer’.

But he eventually found a solution that could make him stand taller. He saved $75,000 over three years working as a software engineer by day and an Uber driver at night to pay for the leg-lengthening surgery.


For a pint-size Minnesota man, getting a girlfriend has been an uphill battle – due to his short stature and self-doubt about it. Moses Gibson, 41, struggled to find a girl who would appreciate his height and even turned to medication to help him get taller.

Moses Gibson, 41, from Minnesota, US, had a tough time dating because of his short height. He tried medication and even reached out to a ‘spiritual healer’.
Moses Gibson Height Surgery

After searching the internet, he found out that there were actually medical procedures that could help him grow. In 2016, he underwent an excruciating height lengthening surgery, which involved breaking his bones and having magnetic screws put in.

He paid a hefty price to have it done, spending $75,000 (PS60,376) in the process. Last month, he had a second surgery for $98,000 (PS78891) in the hopes of hitting his goal height of 5ft 10in.

While it may be the most exciting medical procedure to have, it’s also one of the most painful and can lead to complications such as poor bone formation, fracture, infection or blood clots. If you’re considering a similar procedure, talk to your doctor about it and make sure it’s for the right reason.

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Having self-confidence means being able to believe in your own abilities and putting yourself out there. It also has a positive impact on relationships, resilience, and decision-making.

According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, people need both self-esteem and self-respect in order to thrive. In addition, individuals need to feel confident in their ability to achieve goals and perform well in their careers.

Moses Gibson, a 41-year-old business owner from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has fought with heightism his entire life and tried everything to grow taller. The man initially turned to medication and even reached out to a “spiritual healer” before deciding painful surgery was the only option.

The excruciating surgery involved breaking multiple bones and putting magnetic, limb lengthening screws into them. The business owner had the procedure in 2016 and is now hoping to reach his desired height by June.


The dating scene can be a minefield for short people who struggle to find a partner. This can be because they have a lack of self-confidence and feel insecure about their height.

Eventually, they may start to take some steps in order to overcome their insecurities. They can do things like asking someone out to go on a date or having physical intimacy together.

This can help them to build their confidence and get closer to their dream date. It also can make them more likely to pursue a relationship with the person they are dating.

Moses Gibson, 41, who stands at 5ft 5-inches, had long struggled with ‘heightism’ in his dating life. He tried medication and even reached out to a spiritual healer in his quest for a taller frame, but nothing was working.

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In his quest to boost his dating life, pint-sized Minnesota man Moses Gibson splurged more than $170,000 on two leg lengthening surgeries. The 41-year-old said he struggled with a ‘heightism’ from childhood and spent years dealing with comments that hampered his confidence in the dating world.

He reportedly tried medications and even reached out to a spiritual healer, but nothing worked. Finally, he came across a ‘leg-lengthening’ procedure and decided to give it a go.

The procedure involves breaking a bone and screwing magnetic, limb-lengthening nails into it to encourage the body to grow new bone tissue. The surgery was a success and Moses now stands at 5 feet 10 inches, but there are still complications including poor bone formation, fracture, infection, bone lengthening at an inappropriate rate, blood clots.

The pint-size businessman now uses a height-lengthening device three times a day to separate the cut bone and encourage his body to make more bone tissue. He hopes to reach his desired height by June.

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