Online Therapy That Takes Insurance

Online Therapy That Takes Insurance

Online therapy that takes insurance is a good choice if you are looking to treat a particular health condition. It is important to remember that insurance companies may deny coverage for some online services because of their lack of proof of effectiveness. The main reason for this is the fact that many online therapies are not approved as a treatment option for many conditions. That is why you should research all the options available to you before making a decision.

Cost of online therapy without insurance

If you are looking for online therapy without insurance, there are many options. Some platforms offer live chat, messaging, and audio communication. Others specialize in specific communities or mental health issues. Still others are free or require a subscription.

The cost of online therapy may depend on the type of therapist and the number of sessions. Some professionals charge $30 to $80 per session, while others offer sliding scale fees based on income. However, most individuals pay between $60 and $120 for an hour of therapy.

Some online therapists accept most health insurance plans, while others are not in network with them. You will need to check with your human resources department to find out more.

Several online therapy companies accept prescription medication management. They can help you manage your medications and work with your doctor to determine a treatment plan. This option is a great way to get quality therapy at a reduced cost.


ReGain, an online counseling platform, specializes in relationship therapy. It provides an unlimited number of live sessions and the opportunity to message therapists anytime.

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Couples can choose their own topics of discussion and work with a variety of therapists. The individualized counseling experience is completely confidential. A subscription fee varies, depending on the type of therapist, the location, and the number of sessions.

ReGain therapists include licensed mental health professionals and clinical social workers. They hold master’s or doctoral degrees and are trained in relationship counseling.

ReGain’s platform works best for couples who need to see a therapist at a time that suits their schedule. Most communications are conducted over chat. However, the option to make a video call is available.

ReGain uses banking-quality encryption. The company also complies with state and federal privacy laws.

Its website offers a free trial, which gives subscribers the chance to get a feel for the platform. Customers can cancel their membership at any time.


MDLIVE is an online therapy platform that serves a wide variety of mental health needs. It provides services through its mobile app and website. You can find a provider based on a variety of criteria, including location, insurance, or specialty. The company is a member of several networks, which can make finding a provider much easier.

MDLIVE offers its users a variety of mental health services, including video chat and virtual appointments. In addition to these offerings, the company also has a mobile app and a website that can help you schedule appointments and send messages between sessions.

The MDLIVE website has a therapist directory that outlines therapists’ credentials, such as their certifications and experience, and includes links to request an appointment. You can also read up on the provider’s credentials and see what others have said about him or her.

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MDLive uses a network of providers, which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some therapists even offer weekend and evening appointments.


Calmerry is an online therapy platform that provides low-cost mental health services to individuals and couples. It is available on various platforms including iOS, Android and desktop. This company offers a wide range of licensed experts. These experts include experienced clinical social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists.

Calmerry also offers several subscription plans. A plan called “Therapy Journey Start” includes four live video sessions per month. Each session lasts 30 minutes. Users can opt for text messaging, video calls, or a combination of the two. In addition, each subscription package includes access to a private chat room, unlimited messages and a free chatbot tool named Coa.

Calmerry’s website is easy to use across multiple platforms. It has a large FAQ section, answers to common questions, and real testimonials from previous clients.

During the registration process, users are asked a series of personal questions. They are then matched with a qualified therapist based on the answers.

Online Therapy That Takes Insurance

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