Mary Magdalene plastic surgery addict

Only Fans Model Mary Magdalene Plastic Surgery Addict

Mary Magdalene plastic surgery addict has begged her followers for help after her butt injections started to rot.

Only Fans model Mary Magdalene has spent over PS120,000 on procedures including boob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift, fat transfers and nose jobs.

She has been a plastic surgery addict for years. Over the years she has had multiple fat transfers to her face, 2 sets of 20 veneers, 4 boob jobs (excluding revisions that made her breasts go from 32 B size to voluptuous 38 J), 3 bbls, butt implants and butt surgeries. She even printed all the procedures she underwent on a shirt and posted a picture of it for her followers to see!

Mary has a lot of followers on her Instagram account and she’s often featured on different stories. She’s also got a following on Twitter as well. She regularly posts about her life and her adventures with Romain, a French photographer she’s been dating for over a year.

Before she went under the knife, Mary looked a little bit like a doll. She had cute blonde hair and she was wearing a dress that was very pretty and adorable.

Her eyes were really big and she had a big smile. She also had a small nose which was really noticeable.

Mary Magdalene plastic surgery addict has begged her followers for help after her butt injections started to rot.
Mary Magdalene Plastic Surgery Addict

The 24-year-old Canadian is now on a mission to get the ‘world’s fattest vagina’ but she shared a picture of what she looked like before she had any work done.

She had a very cute little dress on and her hair was tied back with a pink bow. Her lips were noticeably much smaller than they are now and she had a very cute little smile.

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As you can see, her body is completely transformed after her operations. Her legs are longer and her hips are wider than they used to be! She’s also had her cheeks fat removed and she has had a lot of cc expanders to increase her cleavage.

Mary has a huge fanbase and her pictures on social media are constantly being viewed by millions of people around the world. She’s a very popular person on Instagram and she’s a great source of inspiration for many young girls.

Mary Magdalene plastic surgery
Mary Magdalene Plastic Surgery Addict

Before she became addicted to plastic surgery, she was a normal girl who wanted to look like a real-life Barbie doll. She was born in a conservative family and she had to watch kids’ channels when she was a kid but now she is a famous Instagram star with a huge following.

After she became Mary Magdalene plastic surgery addict, she began to spend more and more money on plastic surgeries to get her ‘Barbie doll’ look. She has been undergoing plastic surgery for over a decade now and she recently posted her latest round of surgeries on her Instagram.

She has undergone a fourth nose job and cat-eye surgery to make her nose more ‘Barbie’, as well as a bunch of other surgeries to give her a slanted feline look.

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