PXG Golf Ball Review: Unleashing Your Game with Superior Performance

PXG Golf Ball Review: Unleashing Your Game with Superior Performance

PXG has long sought to deliver Tour-level performance at a premium price point. They now have a golf ball that they say does it all.

The Xtreme golf ball has an explosive three-piece design that combines a polybutadiene core to maximize speed and a firm ionomer mantle layer to increase distance. It also has a soft urethane cover to maximize spin for green-grabbing control.

Xtreme golf ball

The PXG brand has made a few big splashes in the equipment market already with their fully CNC milled wedges and now they’ve entered the premium golf ball category with their Xtreme model. The ball is designed to balance long distances and green-side spin.

PXG has long sought to deliver Tour-level performance at a premium price point. They now have a golf ball that they say does it all.
PXG Golf Ball Review: Unleashing Your Game with Superior Performance

To do so, they use a soft urethane outer cover to maximize spin around the green and a firm ionomer mantle layer to increase speed off the tee. They also have a pretty cool alignment aid as part of the branding that can be used for lining up putts.

All that tech is in a three-piece ball with an injection-molded 338-dimple aerodynamic package that’s produced in Vietnam. The Xtreme costs $40 per dozen and is available on the PXG website and at PXG retail locations.


The pxg golf ball is a premium golf ball that offers exceptional distance off the tee without sacrificing feel and control around the greens. It has been in development for 10 years and features a urethane cover that maximizes driver distance and produces a high trajectory with optimal spin on iron and wedge shots. Independent testing has shown that the PXG golf ball compares favorably to leading competitors in terms of both long game and short-game performance.

PXG is a well-known direct-to-consumer golf club manufacturer that has earned a loyal following among golfers by bypassing the traditional retail store model and selling products through specialized appointment fittings. The company has now ventured into the crowded market of golf balls, using advanced technology and materials to create high-quality golf balls for players of all skill levels.

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After years of research and development, PXG has entered the golf ball market with a premium product that offers incredible distance and control. Their new Xtreme golf ball features a unique construction and design that maximizes spin with irons and wedges while improving accuracy around the green.

It is important to know what type of spin you need for your game before buying a ball. This is because different types of balls can have a significant impact on your swing and how the ball travels.

According to professional golfer Rick Shiels, the Xtreme golf ball is ideal for players with lower handicaps who want a soft feel. The ball also has a durable urethane cover that resists cuts and abrasions. It is one of the most expensive golf balls available, but its performance is worth the price.


PXG stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf, founded in 2014 by Bob Parsons (founder of GoDaddy) to produce the world’s finest golf equipment. The company’s premium golf balls use advanced technology and materials that result in exceptional performance on the course. They boast both distance and control, maximizing driver spin while producing high trajectory and optimal spin with irons and wedges. Independent testing shows that the ball compares well with other popular models on the market, and even surpasses them in some categories.

PXG’s new three-piece golf ball was designed to be “the one ball that does it all”. The company believes that fitting a player for a specific golf ball model is outdated, and that all players benefit from the same technology. This includes a soft urethane cover, a patented core, and an alignment aid.

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PXG, which stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf, is known for its innovative approach to the industry by bypassing middlemen and engaging with golfers directly through specialized appointment fittings and in branded stores. Their unique approach has helped them build a loyal following and become one of the top-performing direct-to-consumer companies in the world.

Xtreme premium golf balls offer exceptional performance for players of all skill levels. Their unique construction and design help you hit the ball further and straighter, while also providing superior spin control around the greens.

The ball’s dual mantle layer reduces driver spin for straighter shots, while the soft cast urethane cover delivers exceptional feel and control. The ball is priced at a premium level, but many golfers find that the superior performance and feel of PXG’s golf balls are worth the investment.

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