brooklyn ct car accident

Route 205 Brooklyn CT Car Accident: Community Mourns Loss and Seeks Answers

In a devastating incident on Route 205 in Brooklyn, a 15-year-old lost their life, while four additional individuals sustained injuries in a crash. State police were promptly called to the scene at the intersection of Route 205 and Allen Hill Road following the accident, which occurred just after 4:39 a.m.

According to law enforcement, the driver of a Toyota Prius failed to stop at the intersection, resulting in a direct collision with a tree. The vehicle subsequently veered off the road and came to a rest down an embankment. With deep regret, we convey this sad news.

Superintendent of Schools, Sean P. McKenna, extends his heartfelt condolences to the affected parties and their families during this difficult time.

Emergency responders promptly attended to the scene. One of the occupants was immediately transported to Plainfield Backus Hospital, where they were later transferred to Hartford Hospital due to their critical condition. The remaining three occupants were also taken to Backus Hospital, with one of them subsequently being transferred to Hartford Hospital in critical condition.

A resident living just a few feet away from the crash site, Kimberly Butts, shared her concerns about the speeding vehicles on Route 205. She mentioned previous incidents involving a pickup truck and a jeep, as well as a previous T-bone collision. Butts, a resident of Allen Hill Road, sadly noted that accidents at this intersection occur with alarming frequency, stating that there seems to be one almost every week.

brooklyn ct car accident
Authorities are currently investigating a significant collision that occurred on Route 205 in Brooklyn. We are closely monitoring the situation as more information becomes available.(Source:WFSB)

At the time of the crash, Butts was hosting a sleepover graduation celebration. Thankfully, her granddaughter and another girl sleeping in a car in the driveway were unharmed. The aftermath of the accident left evidence such as mud on their camper and shards of car glass scattered in their driveway.

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Alexis Mercado and Jake Lincourt, who were sleeping nearby in the camper, expressed their gratitude for not being in their originally planned location by the intersection. They were initially intending to sleep in tents on the grass precisely where the crash occurred. Mercado and Lincourt credit a stroke of luck or divine intervention for keeping them safe in the backyard.

Given the recent accidents in the area, Butts wisely chose not to camp close to Route 205. Unfortunately, her intuition was proven right by this tragic incident.

Initially closed for investigation, Route 205 has since been reopened to traffic.

Our thoughts go out to the families affected by this terrible accident.

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