Royal Honey 12pk Reviews

Royal Honey 12pk Reviews: An Extensive Review

Royal Honey is a dietary supplement that claims to promote harder and longer erections in men. It also claims to enhance orgasms and improve fertility.

It contains a blend of rainforest herbs including Eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali) and bee larva powder. It has a natural flavor and no preservatives or artificial colors.

Product Description

This product is an all-natural dietary supplement that claims to enhance libido, promote harder, longer erections, and increase orgasms. Its sachets are infused with floral nectar and a mix of roots that are known to improve sexual performance in men. The product is also advertised as a natural way to boost testosterone, which is a key factor in sexual function.

It was reported in April 2022 that the Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP contained a drug ingredient called sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra. The FDA warns that products containing this drug ingredient are not a safe alternative to Viagra, and can cause serious side effects.

Royal Honey is a dietary supplement that claims to promote harder and longer erections in men. It also claims to enhance orgasms and improve fertility.
Royal Honey 12pk Reviews

The company behind this product sells a number of other supplements for men and women that are sold under the brand name Etumax. These products contain many of the same ingredients as Royal Honey VIP, including Tongkat ali and ginseng. They are marketed as being better-formulated, but this claim is based on marketing rather than scientific evidence.


ETUMAX Royal Honey is made up of pure honey fortified with a selected mixture of rainforest herbs (Eurycoma Longifolla or “Tongkat Ali” and Panax Ginseng), as well as bee larva powder. This combination is claimed to boost energy, enhance libido, and even increase penis size in men. The product also supposedly balances hormones and increases fertility, among other things.

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A 20-gram serving of royal honey is said to last up to a week in the system. The manufacturer recommends taking one sachet every 2 days for best results. However, this supplement is not recommended for people with blood pressure issues or heart problems.

The company offers free shipping in 164 countries and has been in business since 2014. You can find reviews of the product on online portals like Trustpilot. The site is safe to shop on and has an SSL-protected checkout process. It also uses the latest software systems to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Side Effects

Royal honey is a dietary supplement that’s promoted as an enhancer of sexual function in men and women. Its makers claim it can improve libido, increase fertility, and even promote penis size in men. It is also marketed as an anti-aging supplement and as a natural remedy for heart disease.

The FDA issued warning letters to several companies that sell honey-based supplements claiming to provide sexual enhancement. Its internal lab testing found that products with names like “Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP,” “Dose Vital Honey for Men,” and “X Rated Honey for Men” contain hidden drug ingredients — the active ingredients in Cialis and Viagra, prescription drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Those ingredients can pose a health risk to those who are taking medications that interact with them. They can also cause dangerously low blood pressure levels in people with high blood pressure or diabetes. People who experience adverse reactions should contact their doctor or healthcare provider immediately.

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The price of royal honey 12pk is quite reasonable. You can purchase it online at a discounted rate from desertcart. Desertcart is a 100% legitimate site that delivers products worldwide. The company has been in business since 2014, and they have a reputation for delivering high-quality products at fair prices. They offer free shipping to more than 164 countries. The website also provides a secure and safe shopping experience. Customers can place their orders with confidence, as the company uses modern technology and software systems to protect their details. Customers can also buy from their local store, if they prefer.

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