Snuffy Face Reveal

Snuffy Face Reveal, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height

Twitch star and Vtuber Snuffy is known for her Pokemon card streams and TikTok streams. She has earned 166k followers on Twitch and over 70k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has also built up a strong fan base with her high-pitched voice, laugh, and humorous humor.

What is Snuffy’s Real Name?

Snuffy is a VTuber with a unique style. She has a long and curly hair, and she wears a lot of cute outfits. She also has a pet cat named Kimchi. She is very active on social media and often shares her adventures on Instagram. She has friends from all over the world, and she is also close with many VTubers.

Snuffy Face Reveal 1
Snuffy Face Reveal

When did Snuffy do her face reveal?

Snuffy made her first face reveal on her Twitter account in February 2021. She did not give any hints as to how her face would look like, but her fans were excited for it. She has also posted photos of herself in her Witch costume and a recolor by BlueBirdHay, and it looks really good!

She is also a YouTuber, and she has her own channel where she posts videos about anime. She is a really fun person to watch, and she loves talking about her favorite characters.

Does Snuffy have a boyfriend?

Snuffy does not have a boyfriend, and she has not mentioned her dating life on social media. She has a group of female streamers who are her closest friends, and they are all very supportive of her.

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Her Friend Veibae is a VTuber with over 50k followers on her Twitch account, and she is very close with her. Veibae has expressed an interest in proposing to Snuffy, and she has even sent her a surprise gift.

How old is Snuffy?

Snuffy’s exact age is not known, but she appears to be in her mid-twenties. She has been a VTuber for over two years, and she is known for her high-pitched voice, funny sense of humor, and beautiful face. She has a very cute cat named Kimchi, and she is often seen on her Pokemon Card opening streams.

What is Snuffy’s height?

Snuffy has a very tall height and she is very pretty. Her hair is very long and it is tied back into a bun. She also has a very cute and fluffy tail, which she often wears.

She has a very large and bright eyes, and she has a very long nose. She is very cute and friendly, and she loves to talk about her favorite characters and her experiences on the Internet.

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