VKTRY Insoles Review

VKTRY Insoles Review: Boost Your Performance and Reduce Injuries with Cutting-Edge Foot Support

Originally designed to help the US Olympic Bobsled team with more explosiveness on their starts, VKTRY carbon fiber insoles are now being used by athletes of all ages. The insoles offer great energy return, stability and shock absorption.

Independent performance testing showed that athletes using VKTRY increased their broad jump and vert by over 4.0 inches. VKTRY also decreases frontal plane knee joint excursion with test subjects which helps prevent injuries by improving alignment.


Vktry is a company that makes carbon fiber insoles to help improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. They are designed to fit inside almost any shoe, making them a great option for anyone who is active and wants to get more out of their workouts or sports. They also offer a wide variety of styles and prints to help you express your personal style.

Originally designed to help the US Olympic Bobsled team with more explosiveness on their starts, VKTRY carbon fiber insoles are now being used by athletes of all ages. The insoles offer great energy return, stability and shock absorption.
VKTRY Insoles Review

The insoles are made of carbon fiber that is engineered with multiple layers to provide flexibility where it’s needed and stability in other areas. They also have a unique design that helps to improve knee alignment, which can lead to fewer injuries. These insoles are ideal for athletes of all ages and levels, from youth to professional.

Another benefit of the VKTRY insoles is their ability to return energy. The insoles are designed to increase explosiveness by up to 9.3%, which can help you run faster and jump higher than before. This is a big advantage for athletes who rely on their feet, such as sprinters and basketball players.

VKTRY has recently launched the Silver series, which is a cost-efficient version of their Gold insoles. The Silver insoles are made in the US and meet aerospace-grade quality standards. They feature a patented curved shape, a full-length base, and a 5mm EVA polymer foam cloud cushion. They have been shown to decrease frontal plane knee joint excursion, which is important because it reduces knee load and stress on ligaments and joints.

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Energy Return

VKTRY insoles utilize a reverse-elliptical spring plate design that stores and releases energy like a trampoline or diving board. The insoles also help the foot transition from landing to push-off for a better stride. This helps distribute weight evenly, and reduce stress on the knees and lower legs. The insoles are also antibacterial, which prevent foot odor and keep the feet dry.

While most insoles are made from foam or plastic, VKTRY’s carbon fiber technology offers superior support and increased energy return. The insoles were originally invented for the US Olympic bobsled team to improve athletic explosiveness, and they are now being used by athletes of all levels to run faster and jump higher. The insoles are made from an aerospace-grade carbon fiber base with a soft foam top. They are customizable based on sport, shoe size, and foot length to provide the best performance.

While this product may be a little more expensive than traditional insoles, it is worth the investment for serious athletes. The company’s website asks for your gender, shoe size, and sport to create a personalized insole that fits perfectly inside your shoes. It also has a handy guide that shows you how to properly place the insoles. It is important to note that these insoles must be broken in, which takes a few days of light training.


VKTRY’s insoles are made with a unique patented shape and full length carbon fiber base that allows it to store and return energy. Athletes can use the deflection force of their feet on the insoles to produce a spring-like effect that improves shock absorption and reduces stress loads on the foot and leg, making athletes feel less tired.

The carbon fiber design is customized for each athlete based on their shoe size, body weight and sport using a proprietary algorithm that optimizes performance, protection and comfort. VKTRY’s insoles are offered in five different “Pro Levels” – or degrees of flexibility – based on an athlete’s body type and sport, with the most rigid base for heavier athletes.

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Independent scientific studies show that when an athlete uses the vktry carbon insoles, they experience over a 9 percent increase in Rate of Force Development – aka explosiveness – which translates to faster 40 yard dash times and higher broad jumps. The insoles also help reduce lower leg injuries like turf toe, plantar fasciitis and shin splints by providing stability in the knee, ankle and foot.

Connecticut based VKTRY has already made inroads with college and professional sports teams across the country. Their carbon insoles have been backed by LSU’s Director of Athletic Training Jack Marucci, Lakers trainer Gary Vitti and Red Sox doctor James Creps. The company has also received numerous end orders from high school, college and NFL players looking to unlock their true potential on the field and in the weight room.

Shock Absorption

Vktry insoles are highly engineered and made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber that absorbs, stores and returns energy to the athlete upon impact. This helps athletes run faster and jump higher while reducing the risk of injury. The insoles also help prevent plantar fasciitis by providing cushioning and support for the feet. They are also lightweight and can be cleaned easily.

During testing, athletes using VKTRY gear experienced 41% less foot & toe injuries and 22% less lower leg injuries. In addition, the insoles helped to reduce hamstring injuries by improving flexibility and foot stability. Currently, VKTRY insoles are used by over 300 professional and college teams. Athletes can purchase the insoles online or at select retailers.

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The insoles can be customized based on an athlete’s size and sport. They are available in five different “Pro Levels” which correspond to the flexibility of the carbon fiber insole. Using an algorithm, the insoles determine the optimal flex for an athlete’s weight and foot size. The flex is designed to provide the best combination of performance, protection and comfort.

Another feature of the insoles is their ability to decrease knee excursion while running. This decreased knee excursion can help protect the knees from injuries, such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears and 1st metatarsophalangeal (MTP) arthritis. They can also help to improve foot alignment which can help with the development of plantar fasciitis and other conditions.

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